Bullseye Social CommunitiesBulls-Eye Social Communities are platforms aimed at genre specific groups of people. Let’s face it we all have different tastes and view. From Hobbies to politics and religion as people we tend to gravitate and enjoy ourselves more when we are with a common interest group. All of our community’s benefit from different perks and rewards aimed at their lifestyle interests for being members. Whether they are free to join communities or paid membership the value of each is well worth the participation. With each of our communities we also integrate common themes of philanthropy and find ways as a group to give back.


CABOO is a revolutionary new way to taxi! Unlike other major ride sharing services Caboo utilizes existing taxi cab infrastructure already in every city. Lets face the facts, there are physical and mental tests, as well as a lot of licensing a person goes through to become a taxi cab driver. This means for you a safer, more convenient ride, but it doesn’t end there….

Cabs for a Cause! Caboo has committed to donating 60% of its net profit to children’s hospitals across the country! Weather you commute with taxis/ride shares regularly, occasionally or for your first time, caboo gives everyone a reason to give! Caboo puts giving back to the community above all else, unlike many other ride share services.

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Loyal Biker Society

Every day each person gets up to go to work and puts on a costume that will fulfill their image of their job. They will spend 8-12 hours a day fulfilling the demands of their job and get up the next day and do it all over again. Yet inside all of us lingers the littlest of things that truly define us. These little things are our hobbies, passions and lifestyles.

Loyal Biker was built to provide anything and everything that encompasses who and what bikers are all about. A one stop playground that will provide all the features that we riders use on a daily level. We will continue to provide to the Biker community an ever-growing number or programs, platforms and savings tailored to our lifestyle….

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Dorm Deals

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Teacher’s Place

The exclusive reach and teach platform for teachers. Connect with your colleagues, parents and communities. Share assignments, pictures, lessons and laughs. A social network that allows you to collaborate and connect with teachers and parents exclusively. Its easier, faster, and more efficient. Use Teacher’s Place Chat to connect and chat in real time with other teachers or parents who are online. It’s fast, simple, and free. Upload projects, quizzes, blogs, videos and polls. Make them live for other teachers to view or keep them private and store them all in one place. You can begin a private discussion with one or numerous partners, including extra members whenever. Private messages can likewise be sent through the private chat feature. Invite friends to an event, schedule a meeting with parents, and share any upcoming project due dates. Keep them private or share them with teachers and parents. Easily email information, an update, or a quick message to fellow teachers and parents. Email to one person or an entire group. Send FREE SMS text messages to parents phones straight from your computer. This is for those who choose to receive them when they want to get updates about school info and homework due dates. It ALL works on your phone and your tablet. You can take Teacher’s Place anywhere you go!

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Liberty Brew Club

Our purpose in life is to connect people in small and large communities around the world with microbrews, wineries, ciders, spirits and coffee houses to share in our love affair with all these being born local. Liberty Brew Club was founded in 2012 in Traverse City, Michigan. We’re a small but dedicated crew of four veterans (Iraq & Afghanistan Wars) who are passionate about the craft of locally born beverages and discovering what each brand & beverage stands for in their communities. Now we want to share that passion with you, our visitor!

We’re working hard to grow our website into the pre-eminent resource for beverage enthusiasts across the United States. We do that by providing helpful articles on all aspects of beverages, insightful blog posts about national and international festivals, and giving resource links about all things beer. Most important of all, our goal is the bring attention to beverage makers around the United States and encourage their patronage so everyone will experience the joy of tasting the unique and delicious flavor of local born beverage. If this isn’t enough, we’ll also report on exciting beverage events around the world, whether it’s a beer jog in Central Park, New York or a beer festival in Bavaria, Germany. If it’s about local, we’re there with our mugs held high! So take a spin around our site and taste a few samples of what we have to offer. We think we’ll tickle your buds and you’ll come back again, and again.

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Patriot Party Pass

Patriot Party Pass includes all that is encompassed with Liberty Brew Club PLUS Much More! The convenience and value that can be brought to you from all of the breweries, wineries, distilleries and other drinkeries is so invaluable to the small business and its customers that we decided to expand to Patriot Party Pass which includes all other recreation and leisure activity venues. Patriot Party Pass currently entails categories such as golf, power sports, arts & entertainment, water activities, automotive, outdoor activities, shopping, eateries, amusement parks, campgrounds as well as the drinkeries found within Liberty Brew Club. Sign up for an account as either a customer or as a business. Connect to businesses as a loyal customer to see specials and events or use this as another way to get in front of your customers as a business with all of the tools we provide to make it easy to do so. No matter whether you are a business or a consumer, you can feel a sense of fulfillment and patriotic knowing that a pretty hefty percentage of all transactions done here go directly to helping our veterans in one or more of the many ways that our veterans could use our help.

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