Bullseye Safety SolutionsBulls-Eye Safety Solutions are platforms that we have designed and developed to help connect people in times of need. Whether it’s a simple ride or alerting an entire campus of a potential catastrophic event. We at Bulls Eye Safety Solutions believe that we as humans have a moral and ethical obligation to help each other when we are in a potential life changing situation. We also believe that these platforms should be simple-easy and free to the end users.

Last Call

For the drinkers who approach the crossroad of driving or not, we say don’t risk it all and make that last call. We have a couple features that clear the path for a safe ride home.

Last Call was built to provide a safe method when either a person or their car becomes impaired.

Last Call is a mobile application to keep you connected to your trusted contacts in times of need. Through Last Call, you are able to select contacts for different situations that will be notified if you are in a situation that requires their attention. You can receive a safe ride after a night out, quickly get a tow if your car breaks down, and ensure that your loved ones are contacted if you are in an emergency situation.

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Safety Link

Student and Faculty safety on and around campuses everywhere is one of the most heavily discussed topics every year. college campuses all over the world are plagued with unfortunate events including burglary, rape, assaults, suicides and more. Safety Link is designed to bring students, faculty and the campus a more effective means to communicate with each other to help alleviate these tragic events.

Safety Link is a tool providing the most state of the art interface necessary to reduce campus crime and connect students to public services, campus security or campus social workers depending on each situation.

With this simple and effective tool users can report suspicious activities and alert authorities, the campus or other users nearby if they are in distress. Safety Link streamlines the process of notifying the people who can help with precise details and location to also reduce the time between a call for help and help actually arriving on scene.

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